Mojito ,Margarita and Kahlua

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Margarita ( all black ) and Mojito ( Black and White spotted )


Margarita and Mojito are two 2 lbs chihuahuas that comfort to the breed's AKC standard weight that is from 2 lbs to 6 lbs. Chihuahuas are the smallest breed in the world ! a 2 lbs chihuahua is normal.THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TEACUP - this is a term commonly used to ask for more $$$$. Do not fall for this!

There are 7 groups under the AKC standard and chihuahuas go under the toy category. Under toy are also yorkies, malteses and other small dog BREEDS.

Our NORMAL 2 lbs chihuahuas also worked as models and are available for hired.

Mojito recently played "TITO" at season 1 of Nick Studio 10 for the Nickelodeon network and attended The Kids Choice Awards 2013 in Los Angeles, CA

 970326_449453865145341_1910020230_n_500x356.jpg imag5557_148x250.jpg


  He has been featured at Animal Planet ; Dogs 101 ,

Mojito also played a stolen dog character at Robert De Niro's CBS TV series "THE 22" and was a yankee fan dog at MasterCard tv commercial as seen below

Margarita is a fitting model for Ralph Lauren Co., is a cartoon in a tv commercial and is also featured in  the 2012 xmas collection of Martha Stewart for pets .


Below Margarita waiting for her fitting call

Toguether they are featured in Glamour Magazine with brother Tabasco

Our other petite princess is Kahlua Royale who also appears at Martha Stewart Pets Christmas Collection 2012

 Photos Martha Stewart Pets by Sean Greene 


Due to their size , we careful monitor the requests for this little guys.

any requests can be send to :