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On this page Ada Nieves Outfits featured at The Anderson Cooper Show

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Anderson's Gift of Canine Fashion to Serena Williams' Dogs

Thursday, May 17, 2012 5:16AM

Tennis pro and fashionista Serena Williams joins Anderson on today's show, and says she is very much a dog person. Her two dogs, a Jack Russell Terrier named Jackie, and a Maltese, Lorelei, travel with her "everywhere."

Anderson tells Williams, "Since you bring your dogs everywhere, we decided your dogs should be as stylish as you, so we got you some of your most famous outfits we thought your dogs could have as well."

See the adorable doggie outfits… and see Serena's reaction.

Serena's doggie outfits were created by Ada Nieves. Find out how you can get custom doggie wear made for your pooch, and visit

CLICK on the PICTURE below to see a LARGE view of the DESIGNS